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Shark Fishing Charters from
St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island

Insane Shark Fishing action!
St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island

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Shark fishing from St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island Georgia is one of our most popular, top rated fishing charters offered here on the Georgia coast. Why you might ask? Pure excitement and fun! Black Tip and Spinner Shark fishing is hands-down one of the most exciting trips we offer during the spring and summer fishing season. Find out more about our Fishing Charters or Phone anytime at (912) 275-5577

St. Simons and Jekyll Island are the Shark fishing promise land! Spinner Sharks gather of St. Simons and Jekyll Island in droves for breeding/mating each spring and summer season. Shark fishing charters for these massive record size beasts can be highly productive. These big boys offer insane fishing action for everyone on the boat. See the video below to see why this trip is out of control fun! Video by BlacktipH

Shark Fishing Charters around St. Simons Island Georgia

Fishing Charters for Black Tip and Spinner Shark is a considered a specialty or Sport Fishing type of Shark Fishing. Local fishing guides target these world class acrobatic Spinner Sharks. This isn’t your average Shark Fishing Trip! These Sharks are the “Marlin of Shark Fishing” and this trip is one of the most productive types of fishing charters here in coastal Georgia.

Each spring and summer season from May through September Fishing guides target Sharks because they’re big and the bite is insane! It’s no joke how much fun these fishing trips can be with the right guide and equipment. By June, the Black Tip Sharks and Spinner Sharks have made their annual migration into Georgia and beyond. And they’re BIG! Many of these Sharks are “record size” pushing 150 pounds and more fun to catch than you could ever believe.

As the sharks move north up the East Coast, the Georgia Coast boasts a large number of Black Tips and Spinners which offer Fishermen an excellent opportunity to catch 100+ pound fish on medium light Fishing tackle all summer long! Phone anytime at (912) 275-5577

St. Simons Shark Fishing Charters
Jekyll Island Fishing Charters - Shark Fishing

Fishing charter fun! Feel the burn during a brutal but fun battle suited for fishermen of most any age and any skill level!  Sharks are always willing to bite in spring and summer. Also, we have quite a nice bag of tricks to get them biting when the action slows during a trip to keep you “in the bite and on the fish!” See what’s biting right now.

Spinner Sharks take to the air! When hooked up on rod and reel, Spinner Sharks and Black Tip Sharks spend some time in the air during the fight in most cases. This alone makes them a prime target for many Summer visitors looking for Deep Sea and offshore Fishing Charters around St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island.

For a guaranteed good time on the water with friendly, local and highly experienced Fishing Guides, the buck stops here. Look no further. Capt. Richie Lott and Capt. Josh Cook are top picks for their experience and ability to locate and catch big fish of all kinds in coastal Georgia on a regular basis.

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