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St. Simons Island and
Jekyll Island Fishing Reports

St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island Fishing Report

Fishing Report- Redfish at Jekyll Island Georgia
Redfish Fishing at Jekyll Island Georgia
Fishing for Redfish - St. Simons Island Georgia
Jekyll Island Georgia Redfish Fishing

Fishing Report for St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island Georgia Saltwater Fishing

Fall Season 2018 “The Hunt for Monster Redfish in October” Fishing the Fall season in coastal Georgia is tops! Cooler weather brings our fishery close to shore and inside bays and sounds, holding the biggest fish around this time of year, and we’re after them! The big talk in the Fall months? Catching our local Bull Redfish. Folks, these are monster size Redfish, some of the largest around this area.  There’s nothing better than landing a 40-45 pound bull Redfish and if you haven’t experienced the fight of catching a Redfish this size, come on down to Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island. This area is literally the giant bull Red capital of Georgia.

This area is unique with several freshwater rivers that meet with the Atlantic ocean causing a ‘brackish’ mix of different salt salinity levels. This precise mixture of fresh and salt water in the Fall months provides a massive amount of sea life, migratory fish and bait fish. This brackish water scenario provides fishermen with an excellent chance at catching big numbers of these giant bull Redfish as the annual mullet run passes through coastal Georgia and heads south. When the mullet run is over in October, it leaves thousands of hungry, giant Redfish to seek our baits and eat them! This area around Jekyll Island is the mecca, the breeding grounds and the home to thousands of monster size bull Redfish that can exceed 45 pounds and over 50 inches in length. And, that’s no joke!

Stay on the bite and in the action! Contact the team at Georgia Sport Fishing Charters for your best shot at catching the fish of a lifetime. Get face to face with that big Bull Redfish before this season passes you by!


More about Coastal Georgia Fishing

Year round fishing action! The slow change from Fall into Winter, then back into Spring seasons here in the Golden Isles of Georgia is always a great time to catch a variety of fish as they stage to leave the area to warmer, and often deeper water to seek food or refuge, and they also return the following spring. We’re talking thousands of fish like migration mania! This group and variety of saltwater fish are known as Pelagic or migratory fish. They deserve the utmost in respect in order to keep our local fishery sustainable for years to come. And remember, Take a Kid Fishing! See all past fishing reports by Georgia Sport Fishing charters.

Coastal Georgia Fishing facts – What makes the fishing so good here?

St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island are joined to the south by Cumberland Island. This portion of coastal Georgia is a hot spot for some of the best saltwater fishing in the country and here’s why. This trio of Islands and their relatively shallow waters is known as the Georgia bight. This bight or cove is carved westward from the ocean and provides the Islands sanctuary from the deep waters of the Atlantic gulfstream which flows nearly 70 miles east of the beaches. Interestingly, these waters are home to the third largest shark breeding ground in the world. Migrating game fish and predators such as Tarpon, Black Tip Sharks, Cobia, King Mackerel and others invade these shallow waters each season to indulge on the bait fish migration along our coastal beaches, sounds, bays and rivers. This annual fish migration is the benchmark each spring, summer and fall.

Got Bait? A good bait supply means good fishing. This shallow shelf which is the Georgia coast provides refuge for countless schools of small baitfish such as Menhaden and Mullet along the local beaches, bays and sounds. Further offshore into the Atlantic, cigar minnows and Sardines gather in drove on the Georgia offshore reefs and buoys. This annual, stunning influx of baitfish each spring and summer season causes a snowball effect as migrating and resident game fish follow to feed on these massive bait schools. The end result is the finest live bait fishing available anywhere on the eastern seaboard.

Robust saltwater fishing at Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island Georgia

Batter up for Big Fish! Coastal Georgia offers nearly year round, incredible fishing for visiting anglers and families as well as local and avid anglers. The fish here are big, there’s no two ways about it. The Georgia coast has earned its rank nationwide long ago as a big hitter in the big fish category. For those who don’t know Georgia even has a coast, it’s true! We’ve got a coast, it’s only 90 miles long but it’s fishery is incredibly robust and under fished. Get in touch with Georgia Sport Fishing Charters anytime using our super fast contact form here or phone us @ (912) 275-5577. Also, be sure to see all the action packed fishing videos with Georgia Sport Fishing Charters.

Jekyll Island Fishing is where it’s at! Remember it’s not only St. Simons, it’s actually Jekyll Island that offers up red hot saltwater Fishing in the local waters. Period. Most times, fishing charters leaving from St. Simons Island end up fishing around Jekyll Island, and that’s a fact. No matter where you fish, all the southeast Georgia coastal waters bring excellent saltwater fishing for all. Bring your family and/or children and friends along for the fishing charter of a lifetime. See more about fishing trips below.

Looking to Book a Fishing Charter? Georgia Sport Fishing Charters is recognized nationwide. With over 26 years of professional guiding under his belt locally, Capt. Richie Lott and his guide team offer a common sense, yet highly experienced approach to fishing. This is coupled with a precision blend of humor and fishing talent all plugged into an overall friendly fishing environment. This allows our customers to feel welcome and right at home, Guaranteed! Do you need assistance or further info? Call us anytime for any fishing or booking information at 912-275-5577. See what others are saying about Georgia Sport Fishing Charters in our customer reviews.

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As front runners in Georgia saltwater fishing for Tarpon and Bull Redfish locally, we book charters rather quickly for these trips with a long lived reputation and history of landing many Tarpon over 100 pounds and countless monster Bull Reds over 45 pounds each season on board the charter boat “Wizard” with Georgia Sport Fishing Charters!

Give us a call to get your fishing charter trip on the books before all the days are booked. Phone Capt. Josh Cook or Capt. Richie Lott @ 912-275-5577 or use our quick contact form found here to get in touch with us about booking info and available dates, best times, weather information or general questions about fishing trips for 4 or 6 hours with Georgia Sport Fishing Charters.

We hope to see you this season, and many thanks to all our loyal customers who enjoy this fishery each and every season. Hold on to your hats and let’s go fishin!

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