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Charter Boats
Jekyll  Island & St. Simons

Booking your Charter Boat at St. Simons or Jekyll Island

Booking the right charter boat for your fishing charter is a very important decision when considering safety and open floor space/fishing room for your group or family. You’re placing a lot of trust into people you probably don’t know if this is your first time hiring a fishing guide. Anytime you consider booking a fishing charter from St. Simons Island or Jekyll Island, be sure to ask what size and type of charter boat you will be fishing on so you’re not surprised. Most customers want to know what type of boat they’re fishing on because the wrong decision can cause a negative issue between you and your guide. You probably have visions of what a charter boat might look like in your mind but the truth is most often it will rarely be what you imagined.

Charter Boat - Georgia Sport Fishing Charters

Here are some of our personal charter boat views and tips to consider when booking a trip for offshore saltwater fishing. These tips are provided by the owner who is a 26 year Fishing Guide and licensed USCG Master Captain.

So what’s the perfect Charter Boat?

It truly depends on the type of fishing you prefer such as backwater, inshore or offshore ocean fishing. That being said, there is no written rule describing the perfect charter boat. We understand customers don’t expect to fish in the ocean or open water on a boat that’s too small for their liking. Simply put, larger size boats are simply more comfortable and roomy and handle ocean chop better than small boats.

We feel that our customers should be able to stand up and move around a boat very easily with numerous persons on board without being crowded and have shade from the sun when you choose. Bigger boats are simply more stable, safer and have more room inside. The sides of a safe ocean going boat should typically be “knee high” inside the boat (see pics below) or higher for maximum safety when fighting big fish. Open style fishing boats are officially deemed “center console” style boats. They are normally powered with one or two outboard engines and are serious fishing boats designed for several people to fish and roam comfortably. The larger the boat the safer and more spacious it will be offering more comfort with every foot of length. See an example of the wide open decks and fishing room on our main charter boat below in the photos. Please note that many charter boats in the coastal Georgia area fit this criteria, including each of ours.

Our definition of the perfect Charter Boat – We prefer open boats over 25 ft. in length. Clean and wide open, roomy one level deck/floor with high sides for maximum fish-ability and safety is the prime example of an ocean going boat. See our main boat the “Wizard” showing her wide open decks and roominess in the photos below.

St. Simons Fishing - Giant Redfish
Tarpon Fishing Charters - St. Simons Island Georgia

What types of Charter Boats do we offer?

As a USCG licensed Master Captain, the owner prefers boats over 25 ft. for maximum fish-ability, spacious open decks and a good ride across the water. We offer fishing charters for our customers on some of the largest open fishing boats in this area for many years. Our main charter boats offer shade from the sun and dependable late model engines, life saving equipment, annual coast guard safety inspections and electronics. All of our boats are over 26 ft in length to provide maximum fishing and moving around space for you and your crew and a nice ride to and from the fishing grounds.

Our Charter Boat - Georgia Sport Fishing Charters

A true “Fishing Machine”! The “Wizard” is a 27 ft. center console, open deck fishing platform custom built for Georgia saltwater fishing. Also seen in the photos above.

Our main boat shown in all the photos on this page is custom built by Louis Rambo and Son boat Company. This boat is a 27 ft. long fishing machine with an open and unobstructed floor plan providing a “dance floor” of ample room and 360 degrees of fish fighting open space with nothing to trip over. It is well suited for fishing charters in the coastal Georgia area and can easily handle 6 person fishing trips.

We encounter very shallow water in coastal Georgia on a regular basis, so it’s crucial to have a boat that will float and run in less than 2 ft. of water. Although we may not fish in such a shallow depth, chances are high we will cross over depths of 1-2 ft. as we head into the open bays and sounds around St. Simons and Jekyll Island to chase the biggest fish that roam the coastal Georgia waters.

Our second charter boat is hard core offshore fishing machine. It is a large open fishing boat just under 27 ft. and powered with twin outboards for quick runs through very rough water and seas or very choppy water in general. See a couple of photos below of our second boat, a Mako brand boat named “Trophy Box”.

Charter Boat for Georgia Fishing
Charter Boat - Georgia Sport Fishing Charters

See more about our fishing charters or phone anytime at 912-275-5577 for any information or questions you might have. Or, use our super quick contact form found here. Thank you for your interest in Georgia Sport Fishing Charters! See a whole lot of the fish we catch here.